The Four Gospels without Getting Lost

If you have ever wanted a POSTER of the Four Gospels showing nearly everything on one color-coded page, this is for you! In additon, the print on letter-size (8.5 x 11) printouts is large enough for most people.

The charts are unique in three ways. The first big difference from those in other guides to the Gospels is that you can see it all on one TO-SCALE page. The second and third big differences are that NUMERICAL DATA and COLOR CODING are included so that you can quickly see exactly where in the Gospels Jesus spoke more and where he performed more miracles.  

There are seven themes covered in this set, two of which can be checked out below. Each thematic chart has a corresponding worksheet page for use in personal or group study to help reveal various things in the Gospels related to the theme being studied.

Four Gospels Game!

It's fun to learn the basics of the Gospel's content while playing this simple game. Each participant is given a copy of a summary chart and after the leader explains some basics about the Gospels the game might begin with the leader shouting out, "the raising of Lazarus." The first member to stand and begin reading a fitting verse from John chapter 11 would earn three points. (Smart phones are not allowed!)

If there is a great diversity of Bible knowledge in the group, the leader can even things up with hints such as by saying, "It's in John's Gospel." So beginners would have a good chance of winning or coming in second or third and earning points.

In the next round, the goal might be to find "the transfiguration," and the hint could be, "It's in all the Gospels except for John."

A wise leader will be careful to not spend more than five to ten minutes lecturing about the content of the Gospels before beginning the game. He or she should instead be prepared to teach about the Gospels while the game is being played, here a little, there a little.

The first image below is the chart with the focus on Jesus' speaking. The second one is the one with the focus on Jesus's miracles. For larger size prints (pdfs) click the appropriate button above.