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Describe-It-Yourself with this great free list.

The small portion of the Describe-It-Yourself master list below shows 12 terms in the "G-H" range.

HOW TO USE THE LIST -- in Psalm 51
If we were describing Psalm 51, we would, of course, say that it is "about guilt" (51:1-4, 14). We would also say that this great psalm is "about happiness" since forgiveness brings joy (51:8, 12). We could also use the "having..." wild card and its blank line to say that it is "about having a clean heart" (51:10).

Moreover, If we scrolled through the entire DIY list we would find dozens of other appropriate terms, including many that we would not have thought of otherwise. For instance, we would be reminded that Psalm 51 is "specific" since David spoke of being guilty of murder (15:14).

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